The Blacksheep!

So I figured out what I'm going to do. Im drawing an original character. A character from this little comic I plan on starting to draw during winter break(script is finally written!). She is an anti hero, or a hero..or a villian, it depends on how you look at her. That calls herself the Blacksheep (she's an angsty 18 year old). Anyways she dies and is brought back with these powers and well she uses them in her own special way while guided by a voice inside her head. :)

I have more drawings of this character and more on my DA http://amandaramsey.deviantart.com/

Anyways here is my sketch, ill post wip pictures as I go. Tomorrow Im going to touch up so stuff and add clothing and hopefully a background.

Okay I now have my completed sketch......its sooooo messy. XD Now im going to ink it.

Okay the inking is finished..now just shading. I decided to get rid of her goggles, didnt really care for them.

HEY EVERYONE!! HOPE YOU ALL HAD A GOOD HOLIDAY! Well my project has come to its conclusion but i will probably post a little bit more on here. Here is my finished drawing. I have a hard time coloring this way, I cant seem to get it down. Im better at painting. XD

Well here it is!

to see a close up go here. http://amandaramsey.deviantart.com/art/The-Black-Sheep-422417347?ga_submit_new=10%253A1388090664

This class was a lot of fun. I learned stuff and was inspired. Thanks Patrick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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