The Black Keys on SNL | Skillshare Projects

Michael Letto

Graphic Designer



The Black Keys on SNL

For my project, I decided to promote The Black Keys' appearance on Saturday Night Live. They've just released their latest album, Turn Blue, and I want my poster to reflect the style of that album specifically.

My first source of inspiration came from the cover for the album. It's trippy and psychedelic; it really captures the eye. The colors also work well together.

It's sort of an optical illusion, so I wanted to take that route with my poster. I researched different 'op-art' styles to see if I could borrow anything from there.

Going from there, I started sketching different ways to bring an 'op-art' influence into my poster design.

I was comfortable with where I was headed and decided on a final direction:

I thought it would be cool to create an alternate poster by reversing the illusion and switching the placement of the images and text (see in the second sketch).


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