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The Binder Clip on my Pants


I looked at this thing on my desk. It was some kind clip. After browsing the Internet for a while and making side excursions through pictures of dancing cacti, I finally made my way to finding out that it was a “binder clip”. Yes one of those, whatever it was. My mum would get irritated when she would “stumble” into my room and find “misplaced” objects, such as the clip, on my desk. I needed it there for convenience, when my pants missed a button. I was too lazy to sow, so I used one of these to keep my zip closed; a belt just wasn’t enough. However it didn’t always work perfectly. Sometimes my zip would fall down anyways, and the ends of the clip would pierce into my stomach as if it was punishing me its unconventional use.

Using the binder clip that way made me wonder what made conventional use of anything. Laundry clips were for clothes, safety pins were for nappies or broaches, buttons were for clothing, and ropes were for boats or stuff. It didn’t occur to me whether this was optimal design, or the opposite. They all do the same thing. I mean, there are so many ways of holding paper together. Paper clips, binder clips, plastic sleeves all hold paper quite similarly, and why can’t we use laundry clips. If you are going for something more permanent, you could try glue, a stapler or bind the papers together. There is only so many ways you can do just one thing, although each way may have looked different and felt different. I guess that is what makes them different. The way they feel.

On the other hand, this reminds me of this test they did about paper clips and the different ways you could use them. I spent some time pondering on unique ways I could use the binder clips. After clipping my head against an imaginary brick wall, I just looked up “lifehacks” and binder clips on the Internet. There was a whole community out there, showing how to use different things in different ways. The most useful thing I found was using these clips to organize all the loose cables floating around your room. There were also a lot of other things, such as dresses, necklaces and art made of these things. The binder clip on my pants started feeling less like a rebellious act against convention, but more like one example of ingenious (in some cases, not mine) re-purposing of existing design.

Convergence and divergence was thrusting itself in my stomach in the form of a back thing with two metal pieces acting as a clamp. It wasn’t that bad, considering I was a masochist, and often enjoyed finding out how many of those clips I can put on my ears, toes and fingers until my nerves stopped registering pain. It felt bad, but it also felt so right.


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