Kathleen Gray




The Billy Gray Color Play Mandala Coloring Book

The Billy Gray Color Play Mandala Coloring Book is an evolved adult coloring book.  It takes the concept of the kit beyond the step by step method of coloring within certain parameters to showing you how to choose and combine certain colors for various effects.  These visual effects can make the difference between a quiet subdued image to a riotous array of color using only three colors. First it engages the individual in the concept of left and right brain thinking which is the whole basis of creativity.  Second the ancient art form of the sacred mandala as described by C.G. Jung, the famous psychologist who developed the theory of the collective unconscious, is used as the representation of the true inner self to use as a playground with color.  This helps to shift the attention from stress or scattered thinking to creativity and right brain thinking.  It becomes a device for centering and focusing to an art education tool for color theory and its use.


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