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Olson P.

Olson Patterson



The Bike Coop Ltd.

PROCESS: Research, Mood Board, Sketching, Thumbnails, Concept, Refining Thumbnail, Vectorizing, and Finalizing.

Research. First I started this project by choosing Albuquerque's, locally own bike shop, the Bike Coop Ltd. It is a coummunity bike shop that also restores and sells vintage bicycles. I wanted a company that sell vintage bikes to fit the project goal.

Next, I researched and studied modern hand-lettering vintage signs, logos, typography styles and hierarchy. I made a mood board (imae below) to understand the aesthetic and to set "the mood".



Sketching / Thumbnails: I sketched out a few thumbnails (image below) to get the creative process going.

After viewing the thumbnails I choose the bottom-right one (image below) because it stood out more. The other thumbs seemed flat and generally used (according to my research of vintage logos).


Concept: The idea here was to "Co-op" the 'B' and 'C' together to visually show community, stronger together, and local.


Refining Thumbnail: I draw all of my thumbs on printer/bond paper and No.2 pencil. Then, I retrace the final thumbnail (image above) on quality drawing paper (image below) with a Uni-Ball pen (medium point).


Vectorizing: I scanned in the inked thumbnail and vectorized it by using the Pen tool in Illustrator. Later, I added in some elements (location, date ESTD, quote/tag line, and sun rays) by using a number of fonts and altering by applying the Roughen effect (provided by class video lesson). (image below)

Finalizing: Lastly, I imported the vector layers in Photoshop and applied some texture and tested a few color schemes. Thisis the end result from concept to completion (image below).


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