Samuel Naesen

It all starts with you



The Bigger Picture

My name is Samuel and I'm a Skillshare Teacher.

For now, my information products are "skillshare classes". But, I have a bigger plan, let me explain :) First I will work on my social platforms to share value and for marketing purposes.


I will start a Facebook group for Skillshare teachers & a Facebook page about my brand. I will set on a budget to use ads to find new students and to re-target my existing audience. 

Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram

I will share curated content, Images, my own works, newsworthy content and build a following.I will also curate content on to get myself known there. (I'll make Lists as Franki suggested)

Sales funnel

I will start a blog, create stellar content and work on an email list. On my email list I will be sharing a lot value in form of a weekly newsletter. I'm planning to promote Skillshare, my tools & relevant offers.

This is only the front-end of my sales funnel. My back-end is still in the works, I will provide some kind of service. But, still thinking this one out..  I'm patient, some thing may or may not work out. Still loving the hustle :) 

I never really thought of curating information product, I'll be checking that one up and keep you guys updated. I will try to include this is in my plan. 


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