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The Big Red Machine

The Illustration—

"The Big Red Machine"

Nickname of the seventies Cincinnati Reds, widely regarded as the best baseball team in history.

About The Machine

The early seventies Reds were a powerhouse team, winning 5 NL West titles, four pennants, and two World Series. The 'great eight' starters—Bench, Rose, Concepion, Perez, Morgan, Griffey, Foster, and Geronimo—had 82% winning perctange and featured 4* Hall of Famers. 

The Narrative

This phrase is drilled into the history of Cincinnati and Reds fans. It is a source of pride and a reminder of dominance. It epitomizes the baseball tradition in Cincinnati, playing hard, taking the extra base, and pure teamwork.



Cincinnati is ripe in German heritage and the brash and sophisticated nature of the Blackletter type from Germany is exactly the look desired. It will be confident and proud.


—In process—


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