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Annie Skrmetti

Freelance Stationery Designer



The Big Pond

Hi Everyone!

I am a recent graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design where I majored in textile design. I am here because I want to improve my graphic design skills to add some diversity to my portfolio. I have a passion for intelligent, beautiful design and I have loved the class so far!

For my project I am doing a label for a home brewery that my friend is starting up. Specifically I want to do a seasonal label for a cider. I am a huge fan of cider as a beer alternative and I think that cider is frequently written off as a "girly" drink and not many places where I am from carry it, so I want to make a label that will be a statement, bold with some edge. I want it to be illustration heavy design that makes it feel home brewed and one of a kind.

I don't have a lot of experience with type so I really want to feature it as well and experiment with it. I would also like to reference the history behind the cider and give it a bit of an old world hand. I checked out the competition like Crispin, Scrumpy's and Woodchuck, all of which have a more clean, rustic aesthetic. I will be adding a real moodboard to this soon!

Hey! Here is my moodboard!

The "Washington" is to reference the lettering I want to play with, as are the other labels at the top. Clearly I want to play up the natural element, the name "Big Pond" is inspired by the land my friend lives on and I want to feature some hand illustration on the label so I picked the pond, barrel, apple and vanilla imagery to be featured in some sort of composition on the label. I also included the Brothers label because I love the lettering featured on the bottle. I am super excited to get started on the next step!


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