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Calin Sisman




The Bianchi and the Pirate

The insight that popped up after going through the brief, was that the fashion-conscious audience doesn't really care much about performance or techy stuff, what it matters is how they see themselves ridding a bike. Thus the feeling of being fashionable and cosmopolitan surpasses the need for a high-tech bike.

You choose a bike by what it makes you feel, not based on how fast it is.

This led me to the man that fought against science and performance analytics with heart and instinct, "Il Pirata", Marco Pantani. He is one of the most beloved cyclists that ever graced the sport, and by chance had one of the most beautiful bikes i have ever seen, a classic mint and yellow Bianchi,

I decided to look at "The Pirate" from two perspectives, first his bike and second, the man.

Thus, the bike became my first inspiration. After passing it through Kuler, I ended up with this beautiful palette that is both modern and stylish.


I started adjusting the colors from a muted colorway and bring them to a more vibrant field. The final results is the following:


My second inspiration is a picture of him, The Pirate. After passing it again through Kuler, ended up with different nuances of yellow and deep shades of red and blue. It wasn't that promising, given that red and blue popped out all over the competitors websites.


Opposed to the first set, I started adjusting the colors from a deeper palette. After a number of trials, the colorset contained the same red, blue and yellow but with a more modern touch.


The process of adjusting the sets:


My aim was to start from the same inspiration, The Pirate, and create two different color sets that both stand out as being unique and resonate with the target audience.



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