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The Best Way to Start is to Begin

My phrase is "The Best Way to Start is to Begin." My project is intended as an inspirational poster for myself, to get me up and moving on creative projects vs. procrastinating. I think I tend to be a perfectionist and that kills my creativity's chance at freedom and exploration. This quote reminds me to get over that and just write and make things because it feels good.

My list:

The Best Way to Start is to Begin

travel                  map               light colors      computer     inspiration       dreams    moon

art                       texture/embriodery           camera flash      clouds        castle peak

pencil                  map lines             stars          space          sea      water         rain

pen                     map                      chance           possibility          flowers

paper                  light blue, orange, yellow, green

computer            imagination                freedom             magic               swirls

My mood board on Pinterest:


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