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The Best Is Yet To Come

"Sinatra in his shining hours. Night after night, year after year, he took to the stage and revealed himself to a room of strangers. Bu the end of the show, they all felt like confidantes."

A phrase as legendary as the man who first sang it, "The Best Is Yet To Come" endures the label of timeless. No matter the time period, no matter the circumstance, this phrase is able to apply to anything that life throws at you.

It's such a great expression of an optimistic outlook. The song that made this phrase popular takes a life changing moment and looks to the future at how much better it's going to get. Whether that first moment is the life changing in a positive or negative way, its lifts your chin up to tomorrow and beyond.

The simple pairing of words, with the melodic rhythm you hear when it's said, makes this a powerful statement.


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