The Best Friend Challenge

Dear Best Friend, in order to build your self esteem and confidence there are two keys things I have learned that I recommend to read about and focus on. The first is the principle of abundance and getting your head around by the vast infinite resources in this world. There is no need to hang onto things and we can give so much more. When things go wrong we can take a new path so you can have faith and be brave with this. The lecture on abundance reminded me of the many entrepreneurs in this world that have had things go wrong, they have millions, make a decision that doesn’t work out and end up bankrupt. The next thing you hear is that they have turned to something else and are millionaires again. Entrepreneurs don’t give up defeated, they have complete faith and confidence that they’ve been successful before so they’ll be successful again. Secondly trust yourself, yes it is sometimes easy to beat yourself up when you’ve had some criticism but turn this around and remember all the good positive praise you have had and focus on that. As humans I’ve noticed that we can have ten pieces of positive feedback but yet can focus on the one negative comment. Let’s turn that around, get the balance back and focus on the good positive feedback to build on.