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Jeph Maystruck

Can we be a little happier around here please?!?



The Best Emails I Receive Are From GapingVoid Art...

I have to open emails from Hugh over at Gaping Void art. They're creative, funny, inspiring, different and they speak to your soul. The subject lines make you want to read them, the body makes you want to join them, and every now and then you want to buy the art. It's quite clever!!


It tells a story so you don't feel like they're trying to "sell" to you, which personally is a pet peave! I don't need your email telling me to buy, I'll come in when I'm darn well ready!!! 


Now Hugh MacLeod is smart, he also includes the "Get this print" button or a "buy now" option. Make it easy for people to buy directly from your email.


 Don't be afraid to have some fun with it! People need to use humor much, MUCH more in their communications. Try it out!! 

What do you think?



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