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The Best Cruise Line you Have Ridden

There are so many hotels out there that it can get pretty hard to find the right one for the right price. If you are not careful about the royalties and amenities that come with the places, you can get a real bad place. I have tried different services like hotwire and expedia and have had mediocre success. Expedia has a bad reputation of coding these copyright free listings and promises that just don't seem to add up. 

I went to Maui last year and thought that I could book my whole trip online. I decided to book the whole thing throough hotwire and ended up finding out that was a big mistake. Not only were the hotels dirty and unkept, but the flight was terrible also. We ended up using all types of materials from our first flight just to make up the difference of the second one. 

One of the biggest problems that a lot of hotels websites have is the coupon system. It is hard to find them and sometimes they make them way to hard to use. I love getting coupons, but if they are too difficult to use when you are checking out then forget it. Most of the ones that I find are only around twenty percent off and really don't discount enough to be worth spending the time to find. 

Part of the issue was the lack of planning. If you don't take the time to plan a vacation out you can hold yourself repsponsible. I was still pretty angered to find that we were left on a tropical island without our luggage. I decided to take matters into my own hands after that and began designing a better website to help plan out trips. I like to role them up into package deals, so you spend more time relaxing and less time being bothered. Sometims if you look real close you can find some free deals here and there, even coding interview. It kind of bothers me that everyone wants things for free. Just because something is royalty free or cheap, does not mean it is better. 

My husband was right with his first thought that if it is too good to be true it is. So we decided to make plans affordable and not cost anything. I truely believe that for this app, this is going to be the way to get customers in the door and using the website. I used to work in the hotel service and think that I can bring a lot to the table. That is enough of my rambling. Hopefully I can get my thoughts together and share more of the project. 

I have even thought of coding it myself and setting it up to make some sort of impact on the interview. Even if you in the right we cant take back what was said earlier, but we can still make an impact on the future. The best interview i have had was before I left for college when I was really young. 


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