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The Besdin Clan Crest

UPDATE 11/ 14

OK I spent a lot of time generating even more ideas since last week and it dawned on me this is more about editing down than it is about adding new options. I simplified to a few main points w this sketch: 

1. Sticking w the beet farmer motif.... (see below)

2. Adding in a crossword puzzle pattern. The NYT crossword is a daily staple for most of the Besdin clan starting with the first of us to land in America... I feel like I should make use of the space to actually include some words but I can't figure out how to make that look right. Any thoughts?

3. Included one phrase: "Does he play baseball?" which is the first Q my grandmother asked all of us many granddaughters when we brought home boyfriends/ husbands. It was her not-so-sly way of asking if we were doing the Besdin genes right by getting together w guys who were atheltic, and IMO, checking if we were assimmilating appropritaely into American culture :) Is a family complete w/o a mildly xenophobic matriarch? 


So excited for this project. I have a few more ideas to explore, but just started sketching to see what I could get down on paper. I'm definitely not a designer by any stretch of the imagination so just sketching was pretty foreign. Here goes. 

"Besdin" in hebrew means high court which my family proudly told anyone who would listen, assuming we were descended from some really boss ancient lawyers and judges. As it turns out, Bezdan is a dirt village in Poland made up of beet farms which is actually where the name comes from. Wah wah wah. I tried to capture all this with the gavel (top left) and beet (bottom right). 

My parents and my brother and I are all born and raised in NY which is what the very obvious I Love NY in the top right comes from. 

The bottom left is a teacher since so many people in the Besdin family are teachers. I always thought I'd avoided the fate but here I am, working at an online learning company thinking about education day in and day out. This one feels weak. I want to replace it with... TBD! 

I didn't put our location in the banner since the NYC symbol already addresses it but I did try to write "We could have gone mexican" which is something we say pretty often. Why? My brother was on Carmen San Diego as a kid -- naturally a defining life moment for him and myself as his admiring little sister. He beat the other two contestants but lost by one in the final round. Had he won, we would have all gone to Mexico on Carmen's dime but alas he screwed us. HE COULND'T FIND SWITZERLAND. We tend to remind him frequently what we missed out on. 

Would love any feedback on direction. Simple sketching tips also most welcome (starting w scale)....


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