(The Belly of Business) What the movie Belly taught me about Business .

This is a scene from the classic HipHop film BELLY. The point i want to illustrate is how and why  hustlers or street entrepreneurs, so seemlessy make the transition from block corner to corner office. The main focus will be Method Man (fitted on sitting with his back towards screen) this one shot has many points that i find myself recalling on a weekly or even daily basis that i have adopted into my business mantra.

  • The CEO     

I dont know if director Hype Williams did this intentionally or this was just a feel he was going for but automatically you can feel the presence of a savvy man. His attire speaks volumes about who he is, (feelin that fitted )and his back facing the camera like the 37th floor window view of an executive sitting at his desk. He was just handed the phone by the actor in the yellow shirt who like an assistant or receptionist screened the call before giving it over to him. The other three actors give off the feel of his captains and lieutenants or VP's who know their role in the success of this corporation. 

  • Location

Meth uses the chinese food restaurant as his office , so he is used to showing up somewhere 4 to 5 times out the week, not micro managing but checking on the progress of how well the ship is being ran. The work comes to him, and clients know if they come here they can find or at least be in contact with someone who can find him. The owners of the chinese restaurant skeptical at first but probably soon figure out it works out for both parties. They know they have constant repeat customers  plus protection to a certain extent, and Meth and Co. have an office without overhead.

  • Brand    

His credbility as a "hit man/hustler/got what u need guy" is what allows him to have the amount of success  he's having. Clientele know  and understand  what the company does and its core message. From that he gets references from good results, and also, thats his marketing. 

  • Work Ethic  

This is probably Meth's easiest transition. He does more than likely have a set time he gets to the office, but all kinds of problems arise throughout the night  which he has to adress no matter the time or how tired he may be. This comes from a deep desire to improve the situation he's in and improve upon and maximize his potential as a man.

The route he took definitely comes with a deadly cost and is really the lower end of what a hustler is supposed to look like but all in all the principals are to me not to be overlooked ,,He is the essential prototype of a CEO.                                                                                                                        


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