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The Beginnings of my Tribute Tattoo

I leapt at the opportunity to take this class as, as many tattoos as I have, I have drawn none of my own and now as I'm wanting a very personal design, I wanted to undertake the process myself. I love Keith's linewoork, and also thought this design process would really help me as well with the graphic design work I do.

A bit of backstory: My Grandfather was an Italian Migrant, arriving here in Australia in 1950, from a remote  northern Italian village of 700 people. From Nothing, he worked, learnt skills, and ulitmately built his own company, raised his family (My father is his eldest son) in security and comfort, he achieved so much from Nothing. He would tell my Father and his brothers and sister that they could do so much better then he did, as they were born here & can speak the language. This always pulls me up when I think i can't do something, not good enough, don't have what it takes...Ife he and many others had the bravery to leave everything and come to a new land, with nothing, and build everything they had, what's my excuse? 

So I had decided to design my tattoo around the passenger ship, the Napoli that brought my grandfather to Fremantle, possibly along with a compass to remind me of that strength, determination and path. Line drawing, with no shading etc is new to me, so I tried to find images using lines creatively to create depth, foreground/background relationships.

Looking forward to sitting down and sketching now!


So after a couple hours sketching, throwing paper around and being generally all-round unapproachable, this is what I have so far. It's to sit on my foreman, just below my elbow.

Please excuse the Iphone photo and my shaky hand. I'm kind of in the dark here a bit, Not sure if I'm getting warm or are so far cold it's not funny, so any feedback would be great!



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