The Beginning of Prioritizing (Correctly)

The Beginning of Prioritizing (Correctly) - student project

One of the biggest things that stuck out to me that I wish to implement (and am trying to implement) is prioritizing. Specifically, using the priority flags in Todoist (I've always been confused how to use this properly) and using the Eisenhower method. One of the reasons I chose to implement this was because I saw it as a great way to advance the Task Management System I created after having taken Thomas Frank's class. I am starting out today.


The Beginning of Prioritizing (Correctly) - image 1 - student project


However, I am actually having trouble implementing the Eisenhower method. I didn't eally delegatedefer, or delete anything. FIrst off, I don't have anyone to delegate to since everything I do is personal. Secondly, laying out my clothesplanning the next daychecking my emailcompleting daily goal; and reading are all things I do on a daily basis (I get some off days with reading but it's a habit I'm trying to build and I can't really put this off because I have to return this book back to a friend soon). And everything else I am left with are important and urgent.

Personally, based on past experience, if I do complete everything here, it's probably gonna cost me some hours of my sleep... I don't know if, in this case, all of these are unavoidable "do its" or I'm not implementing the Eisenhower method correctly.

I am very open to suggestions, advices and critiques in this area.

I hope you're all doing better at this than I am hahaha.