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The Bee's Knees

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I decided to start on a project I've had on the back burner, branding a hot sauce called 'the Bee's Knees,' it has a tangy zest with quite a kick. So far I haven't been able to narrow down a style or layout I enjoy, so I'm still toying around with sketches. Here's a handful I've doodled so far, any and all opinions are welcome!

Note, many of the sketches so far skip the apostrophe but that will definitely be in the digital renditions!

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I think I'm ending the sketching phase about now as I've narrowed down to a layout and overall style for the letters. In the digital phase I plan to add bee-line strokes to frame certain areas of the words and possibly add floral qualities to certain letters (rough idea shown on second image). I also believe I'll thicken up the lowercase letters a bit to have a cohesive visual flow. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!


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