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The Beer Mile

Hi everybody!

I'm very excited to submit my first skillshare class project! This class is definitely the first class on Skillsharethat has made a great impression on me so I had to submit a project. So here it goes!

The client is my girlfriend and I am creating a logotype for her blog, The Beer Mile ( As you can see, logo is a bit rough right now, it was something she just threw together really quickly. 

To start off, here are my W's:

Who: Beer/Running Blog

What: Logotype for an online blog

When: Class deadline

Where: For web and business card

Why: She want's her blog to be more inviting and have a cleaner look.

A little background on her blog and the direction we decided the logotype should go. Her blog is about all things craft beer (past/upcoming everts, special beers, new beers, etc..), as well as races she has ran, from 5ks to half marathons. The three main things that she wanted was for the logo type to have movement, have warm colors, and to be not too ornate. Additionally, she wanted me to try an incorporate that drawing of her running with beer in her hand (you can see it on the website). I also read through a few of her beer blogs to get a feel for style based on her writing and from that I came to the conclusion that the overall feel of her blog is edgy, fun, and nerdy (basically describing my girlfriend, go figure haha). 

Below is some inspiration for the logotype:







Now time to write it out a million times:


Next I mocked up 3 rough sketches:







Out of those three I decided to work off the last one because it struck a good balance of all the qualities we talked about. Next, I cleaned it up the sketches and increased the size in Photoshop Elements for tracing. Below are the next round of sketches(sorry for the weird shadows):




I like the 2nd and 3rd sketch. I'm leaning towards the 2nd only because I'm still having difficulty with my thicks and thins. However, with the outline on the second sketch, I'd have to figure out how to incorporate the "running" logo so it looks like one piece and not two separate pieces throw together.

Here are my thoughts on the process so far:

Writing it out a million times was incredibly helpful. I do wish I varied the styles more in the initial sketch to have more options. And lastly, I definitely need to work on my thicks and thins. 

I feel like I'm a little stuck because I'm unsure of which one to go with. I'm going to upload these into Photoshop Elements and try to edit further. I think it'll make playing around with it easier. I would love to hear some feedback. I welcome constructive criticism.



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