Stefanie Calkins Wolfe

Graphic Designer / Photographer



The Beauty of Monument Valley

Took these on my recent trip to Monument Valley in June. Even though it's been photographed by so many, I found myself in awe with the sunsets, the sunrise, and the clear dark skies I never see in Atlanta. After watching Chris's videos, I was inspired to use that trip as my project to submit. Enjoy and always welcome feedback.

Sunrise shot: While the sky was just a blanket of empty color, I loved the haze the sun was bringing in over the mittens.


Sunset Shot: Was excited there was some content in the sky to capture it's beautiful color temp changes.


Night Shot:  My first attempt at shooting the stars. Was lucky those 2 camper girls let me invade their space experimenting with this shot. Not my ideal composition, but it's a starting point.




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