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Gustavo Melo

"Whatever you are, be a good one." Abraham Lincoln



The Beast Inside

       Step 1. 

 SELECTED TEXT. Sam Hookey from The Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters

REASON. I saw an opportunity to addapt this story where I could represent what the author was saying, in a free way that would still be loyal to the original source.

MY INTENTION. Tell this young guy story, in which he is well intentioned but struggles with the fact that he looses his temper too easily. He falls in love with the right person for him, but truth must be faced when he has to confront his deepest self.

            Step 2.

FINAL Draft:

2nd Draft:

1st Draft:

           Step 3.

LOGLINE.(Final draft) Violence is normal for this young man fighting to control his instincts and live a life of injustice surrounded by unfair people. Meeting the right girl may change his life, but also might awake the beast against himself.

(2nd draft) A good adolescent must control his aggressive temper or he will lose it all.

(1st draft) An aggressive man is forced to face himself in a battle where there's no winner. 


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