The Battle That Consumes Me

I'm like a three year old because I soak up information and get really excited when I learn something new.  I'm a hardcore DIYer and when I want to know something I dive head first into it.  I go crazy, buying all the books, courses, audios, everything I can find on it and spend hours upon hours studying as if the information will vanish if I don't consume it right away.

I've learned website development, marketing, psychology, sales, business automation, and on and on and on.  I have thousands of pages of notes upon notes upon notes I've extracted from my self-education.  I can see connections that others miss.  I can master concepts in record time....the one thing I struggle with is putting my information online.

Don't get me wrong I have published a few books, built tons of websites, even did some Craigslist promotions.  And that 's about all I did, publish them and walk away to the next thing.  I get bored easily, even with my own stuff.  And my perfectionist side likes for every T to be crossed and every I to be dotted before we (me, my creative brain, and my analysis paralysis warden brain) can do anything.

I've recently broke free from the bondage of my analysis paralysis warden and just decide to do whatever i want to do...that basically means I've decided to quickly write, record, and publish whatever moves me fast and furious before the analysis paralysis part of me can put a stop to my madness.

That who Kibibi Jett is!!

Kibibi Jett
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