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The "Bassics": A Beginners Guide to Learning how to Play the Bass

(Above is my title of my class and below is the description) 

The house lights turn on, the stage is lit and there's a thousand fans screaming out one name. It's not yours, probably the guitarists, or the singers. No one really even knows the name of the bass player... But you're ok with that! Because you know you're the real talent keeping the act together.

This is an absolute beginners guide to playing the bass. Welcome to the world of funkitude. In this series I will be going over the basics, such as: Learning the strings, proper finger plucking techniques, different types of notes and tempos, etc. 

I've played for ten years and I'm completely self taught so I often teach in layman's terms. If you want to learn the music theory behind playing, this probably isn't the video for you. 

(Next is my Project Title and description) 

Putting the "fun" back in funk


It is now your turn to slap some fishes and lay down that gravy tune as the kids say. I want you to create your own 1-2 minute song. The song can be just you playing bass, or you can have some backing tracks. If you want to add a drum track or maybe invite that guy who always plays guitar by the bus station, go for it! (Just don't let him solo) Your bass line can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. The important thing is that you have fun while playing it.


Play around and experiment. Come up with a couple of different lines before you stick with one. I would reccomend starting with a 4 note progression and then adapting the song from their, but it's your song. Make it however you want! While you're creating the song, make sure you upload your steps as you go. The best things to upload would be;

  • Your intial bass line
  • Each seperate verse if you have multiple
  • The chorus 
  • Any bridges or fills you want to add
  • The finished song, from start to finish 

Here's a link to my introduction


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