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Nick Barry

Designer / Art Director



The Barry Family from Portland, UK

I started my project coming up with lists of things significant to my childhood and growing up.

1. My home (Portland, Dorset, UK) obviously made the cut

2. Best buddy and childhood pet who amazingly lived to the ripe old age of 17 George, obviously made the list

3. Tottenham Hotspur, my families football (soccer) team obviously made the list 

4. Finally, almost everyone in my family has been in the Royal Navy. My parents met in the Navy, my Mum's parents met in the Navy, my Dad's parents met while my grandfather was in the Navy. 

I wanted to add favorite foods etc but decided these were the 4 core things, most vital to my family.

Here's a rough digital sketch of how this might look:

Illustrated and in the typical knocked-out fashion, this ended up looking like this:

Next I added my laurels, which I wanted to look a kind of seaweed we'd find on the beaches near Portland. This turned out like this:

Next, I added the town I spent most of my childhood and where my Dad grew up; Portland and my family name BARRY. - I also wanted to include a word pretty special "ORLY" (Ore-Lee). Orly, which my sister would use when addressing us. Daddy Orly, Mummy Orly, Nicky Orly, and Stephy Orly - was heard constantly growing up.

I also did a colourised version, using colours I thought were symbolic of The Navy, The Sea, and of course Tottenham Hotspur. Checkout the finished piece:

Reversed out:

Let me know what you think,



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