The Balloon Dog Brand

The Balloon Dog Brand - student project

Hi everyone, I am very exited to be a part of this class and to be able to share a project that I have been working on for a while now. For my project I want to focus on a clothing line idea of mine called, The Balloon Dog Brand. The inspiration behind the brand title comes from my love of dogs and when my girlfriend and I finally adopted two of our own I decided that a clothing brand built around that would be a perfect fit. With the brand I am looking to incorporate people’s love for their pets along with tying in the fun and nostalgia of the balloon dog.

To make the experience that much more memorable and meaningful I am thinking that with every purchase you get the usual, which is a few pins and stickers, but it also comes with a string, a balloon, and a flyer with each step on how to make your own real balloon dog. Along with that I have been talking with my cities humane society and am looking to donate 10% of every purchase to the San Diego Humane Society as a way to give back to the community.

These are logos for The Balloon Dog Brand:

The Balloon Dog Brand - image 1 - student projectThe Balloon Dog Brand - image 2 - student project

 Sticker Designs I have released and passed around: ( these stickers have the older logo design)

The Balloon Dog Brand - image 3 - student projectThe Balloon Dog Brand - image 4 - student project


 Buttons packs I have released:

The Balloon Dog Brand - image 5 - student project

The Balloon Dog Brand - image 6 - student project

Future T-shirt design ideas:

The Balloon Dog Brand - image 7 - student project


 The Balloon Dog Brand - image 8 - student project


The Balloon Dog Brand - image 9 - student project

With this project I am looking to do some more t-shirt designs incorporating my theme of dogs and balloons, which I could print and sell in my first product release. Also you can check out more information on the brand at I hope you guys enjoy some of what I’ve done and I would love to hear everyone’s critiques. Thank you.