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Nicole Miazgowicz

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The Ball that loved to bounce

Years ago, I scribbled this on the cover of a moleskin: 


Kind of dark, kind of funny, I thought this would be a good piece to update and turn into something a little more than just a scribble on a notebook cover. I wasn't sure about all the text, so I did a few re-writes: 


Then I did a quick storyboard sketch of how I could break it up with simple illustrations: 


I toyed with the idea of doing a flip book, a book with cut-outs, something with a 3-D ball....until I decided to do a more graphic novel type format. So I laid that down on rice paper with pencil: 


I wanted to make it a bit more interesting instead of just a drawing--especially since it was just a singular piece of paper. So I used a thick yarn to outline the frames: 


Then I finished the drawing portion of the piece: 


And finally I added the text to complete the finished product!  I think the format brings a little more life to the story and helps create a bit of movement.



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