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The B.U.R.E.A.U. Logo


For my project I wanted to create a logo for a larger project I am working on. As a practice on branding, I've decided to create a logo and online identity for a fake governmental institute that provides GIS research (including "geographical mapping", "data gathering", and "environmental statistics") and travel advice for fictional planets/worlds found in famous Sci-Fi novels, comic books, or mangas.

As a fictitious governement agency, the title naturally had to be word acroynm that of course took itself verrrrry seriously;  so I picked the acronym The B.U.R.E.A.U with the tentative name, The Bureau of Uncharted Realms and the Exploration of Alternate Universes.

Here is the second take on making the logo. Nothing too major but I did try to simplify version B from before and also add two new versions that mix the elements from both veriosn A and B. While I want to the logo to feel official and dignified I also want it to be a little goofy and give you that old school sci-fi movie feel.


So here is my first attempt at making the logo. Still deciding on which direction to go in so I've provided two versions. Not sure why the hot pink ha, it was just the color I started working with and I never really felt like changing it.


Here's some inspiration for the logo:
I wanted to draw most of my inspiration from real institutions in order to make it more believable.

SKETCHES//well you asked for them, so here they are, in raw, terrible form:


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