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"The Away Team" - Otim Oloya

... I'd like to just say, "this phrase has been swirling around in my head, and I just want to see where it can go."  But you'd probably would like a more lofty explanation...some sort of "meaning" or justification of the brand that will sum everything up... "Is this really a team?"  "What are you 'away' from?"

Whelp.  Let's see what I come up with...

"It goes back to the large rusty contraption with over 30 years of white paint holding it together, used to keep score in sweaty high school basketball gymnasiums, somewhere on the outer rim of that dusty track which would always circumnavigate the Varsity football field, tattered from a constant stampede of cleats, or even in the outfield in the 10-column, 2-row monstrosity, marked for the number of innings for each team, the total score being on the ends... On each scoreboard, one side would always read 'Home', or the team name...The other side says Visitor, or 'Away'.  The name of my project is a metaphor for those who face an uphill battle from the start...The ones who aren't favored with a 'Home field advantage', familiar faces, or the cheers from the crowd...the ones everyone doesn't want to win, but still have to play the game.  But there ARE some days when 'The Other Ones' prevail... There are some times when the silence of uncalmed nerves & uncertainty on the school bus going TO, get rewarded with laughter, the slaps of high fives & cheers on that very same ride back...  This is for the Underdog, the latter in the phrase 'Us Vs. Them' (another name I had in mind..someone beat me to the punch)...this is for the one you bet against, underestimated and wrote off as an easy victory for your star players.  Sometimes, it just doesn't go down that way."

I kinda want to create a cool vector graphic, maybe with some significant meaning, but then again, it might not have any significance....more than that, I would like to understand and learn the proper design process it takes to create the high-caliber graphics many of these silkscreening giants put out, like Johnny Cupcakes, OBEY, and so many great t-shirt brands.


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