The Aurudon


The formation of the Aurudon was based solely on a previous monster I had done that needed a revamp.  So immediately, the silhouettes were drawn and I had chosen the design based on community & friend input.  The hook toothed jaw design of the fish had won out.  


The new template was to be sketched out so that I could have practice drawing the body structure.  The next phase was to draw the actual position of the beast while also finding a way to combine the old golden skeleton of the previous iteration of the monster.  


The Lining of the Aurudon went in two phases, as did the coloring.  First, the outline of the transparent skin was to be done, then below, a layer to where the golden skeleton would rest and be the prominent feature.  Afterwards, Coloring commenced, starting with the skeleton and working through the narrow lining of the bone.  Once that was finished, next came the coloring of the skin, which only had to be lowered in opacity later on.  



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