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The Assassin

So I really wanted to make like a variety of assassins. First of all, I got the obvious out of the way, the ASSASSIN'S CREED ASSASSIN DESIGN BLA BLA HOOD HERE, CLOTH THERE, DAGGERS THERE WHATEVER. So then I wanted to explore different ideas of assassins. You got the modern suit-wearing assassin, the caped-fantasy-medieval assassin, the chinese decapitate-your-head-with-knives-on-a-chain assassin, the ninja-with-wolverine-claws assassin, the sexy-but-uses-that-to-get-you-alone assassin, the tribal-we-do-fucked-up-shit-and-rituals assassin, and the I-guess-assassin-but-more-of-an-executioner assassin.

Picking out the different versions, I was about to go with the sexy woman one because i luv dem sexc wimmenz, but then I thought that the tribal guy was actually pretty fun to do, so I went that-a-way.

SO! We've got the overly-spiky-demon-looking-so-he's-intimidating assassin, with thorns and spiky fur things that leans towards a more japanese look. This is the professional ninja assassin that follows tradition like way crazy.
We've got the tribal guy with a mask that looks freaky as hell, leaning towards more scary than the "emotionless and uncaring" kind of scary the japanese mask had. This also had japanese influence, but not so much, with the whole overly giant teeth and tongue sticking out. This guy has good ol tribal tattoos and whatnot to make him extra funky.
Finally, we have the SUPER MEGA tribal guy, who's wearing the skull of a horse and the horns of a gazelle. He has less fur around his face, but eh. He wears like a grass poncho thing and is wearing hardly anything underneath his gear. This is towards more of the voodoo kind of assassin, with skulls on his weapon and white patterns painted on his skin.




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