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The Ashtray Says You've Been Up All Night

I decided to choose a Wilco poster; I don't know much about the artists for each but I realized when I was brainstorming practice image ideas that the ceiling fan poster I had gotten my sister years ago for her birthday had a similar Danish modern vibe (another area in which I don't know much; I'm sure there's a way better way to describe the design but to me it's sort of spartan like Danish modern, if more colorful). Wilco is also kind of a family bonding point. My dad took my sister and I a long time ago, we might have both still been in high school, to The Rave in Milwaukee because we were underage and he likes the band too. My sister's the real Wilco fan (ha) though. If it weren't for her I wouldn't have seen Chelsea Walls or I Am Trying to Break Your Heart. Here is the poster as it should be:

Soon I will be able to display the poster as I recreated it in AI...we shall see how close I can get. Mostly recently, I spent hours on recreating the fan. You know what's a bad combination? Perfectionism, weird shapes, and a rudimentary understanding of AI...but it's so satisfying to see the replicated fan I made on top of the poster. The background is going to be difficult to do. I have to find out how to create a new swatch, or find one that looks like the background. Any feedback would be appreciated! 


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