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The Artist

I REALLY enjoyed this class and learned some tips about masks that I did not know. I am familiar with masks, but there were some shortcuts I was not aware of that I am very excited about. I practiced with them while making this collage. I chose two of my favourite own favourite images - I thought the black and white self portrait (yes, that's me!) was a fantastic contrast to the colourful image of the parrots.  I like the natural, organic lines of a tree, so I decide to use this shape for my collage - but instead of creating multiple copies of the image, I just used one shape. I used masks to hide part of the tree so it looks like it is on the wall behind my face. I also added a bit of a layer style to the layer with the tree as was done in the lesson. I could have gone further with this image, but I think it looks beautiful just the way it is. Thanks for the opportunity! I had lots of fun! 


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