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The Artful Hikes Logo

I've always loved nature and being outdoors.  Playing in the creeks, walking among the trees in the spring with flowers blooming all around was a magical time and place for me. 

Unfortunately, I don't get to go out as much.  It's my fault for that, but I want to inspire others to get out and begin nature journaling.

So a program I'm working on for my local AIGA chapter in Raleigh, NC is to get designers and artists outside.  Break the chain anchoring us to the desk in front of a monitor and going outside to observe nature and return to our traditional talents.  Along the way, maybe we can inspire things we see to help solve design problems in our daily work and build appreciation for the environment.

So I've been working on a concept for a logo and have a couple of versions that I plan on creating a brand for the journaling sessions.

Concept #1

Concept #2

I'll be adding the vectorized logos soon.


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