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The Art of the Rock Shuffle - Guitarist's Guide

I first entered the Teach Challenge in October of 2015. Needless to say I did not complete it! Although I have a very successful teaching practice (40+ students weekly), translating that success to the digital realm proved to be, well, challenging!

Between that time and March of 2016, I created TONS of online lesson content to hone my skills with shooting and editing audio and video and, more importantly, drilling down on creating short courses with a narrow focus and goals.

I completed the March Teach Challeng over a week ago and have been looking over all the tools, tips and techniques for marketing it, building a student following and raising my trending status. The learning curve for all this appears to be as steep as that for creating the content.  Maybe more so! However, I've gone ahead this AM and clicked "Publish." Here we go!

Here's my Marketing Challenge "Diary"

Day 1 - I watched Class Marketing: Build Your Student Following on Skillshare, and read How to Get Your Class Featured on Skillshare and How to Get Your Class Featured on Skillshare.

Day 2 - Actually did this on Day 3, but shared to my FB Page and Twitter followers. Link will go out to my email list (400+), on April 1st. Here's my FB Page:

Day 3 - Beyond clicking "Publish" the other important decision I made was to start off by offering the course for Free.

Day 4 - Posted my 1st social media promotions on FB and Instagram and scheduled follow up promo over next 3 days. Also offered free links to my top 12 in-person students.

Day 5 - The Results Are In!

  • 18 enrolled students
  • 1 Positive Review
  • 40% enrollment from Skillshare Community, 60% from Social Media campaigns
  • What's Next - my email newsletter with a Free Enrollment Link goes out April 1st
  • More engagement by creating a new class in April!


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