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The Art of finding lost souls



Title: The Art Of Finding Lost Souls 

Blurb: Alice Brown has always been the girl who had mostly everything except her parents love. After mulitple tries of getting their attention the only thing she looks foward to now is the end of summer and the start of college where she will can leave everything behind and start over. Declan Harris is the type of guy who has always been a family man. After the death of his mother leaving his father in pieces, Declan is left to take care of his little sister while balancing his job in a near by hospital as a nurse. But when Alice and Declan's paths intervene they embark in a great adventure to find themselves in the most unexpected of places. Two lost souls, One summer and countless adventures.

Target primary audience: Teen Fiction/ Chicklit, ages 15-23. My audience which I'm trying to target are mostly fans of books such as Eleanor and Park, All the bright Places, It's kinda a funny story etc. I want people who feel like they can connect to this book, to see that people do have real life issues but there is also so much good in this world too, to feel as though they aren't alone.

Sample Pages: 

Alice sits in her room like she usually does about this time at night when everyone is asleep to find her peace of mind. She doesn’t mind having the smallest room in the house. After all, she didn’t complain about much. The sky was lit by little stars that hung in it. Alice loved the sky; she loved looking at how the colours of blue changed as they contrast the stars and the moon. Alice wished she was a star, she wished she could be up in the sky looking down at the world below her.

She dreaded to see daylight; she’d rather have the moonlight touch her pale skin than the sun leaving her burns. To Alice, the day meant leaving her room and having to go to her summer job which required her to socialize in which she lacked the skills, but she was different, she would tell herself, she had her reasons to be the way she is.

There were shouts, screams and the sound of precious China breaking which could be heard from Alice’s room.  Alice didn’t like to interrupt her parents when they fought, she just wanted it to be over with so that she could slip back into her dream world but as unfortunate her life already was she couldn’t do so. She sighed as she got up her bed, opened a drawer and pulled out her box of cigarettes; she isn’t an active smoker but when she was stressed out she would take a long drag of a cigarette with her window open letting the cold night’s air carry her stress away.

When the shouts died out Alice lay in her bed in hopes that she could find a home which felt like home and a good night’s sleep.


Declan sat in his room wide awake as the beams of light escaped the curtains and lit his square room. He wasn’t alone; a little eight year old girl was wrapped around his waist fast asleep. He looked at the little girl who lightly snored in her sleep as she lay peaceful; he was afraid that one day the little girl would grow up and have to learn about the burdens of life.

Declan swiftly untangled himself from the little girl, who had not seem to notice his missing presence, He walked into his kitchen in hopes of finding some coffee which he did not. He sighed looking at the clock. It was about ten am, he could get coffee from the shop around the corner and be back before his father wakes up he thought. He decided to follow his gut feeling and walked to the little coffee shop around the corner little did he know that Alice would be the one taking his order.


He walked into the little coffee shop breathing in the aroma of coffee beans and vanilla. The coffee shop wasn’t full yet it wasn’t empty either since it was a weekend many workers must have been sleeping in thought Declan.  He walked up to the counter to place his order but something felt odd to Declan, the girl behind the counter. She had sliver white hair which was put in a bun and had a red bandana holding it together, her bangs covered her eyes but when she looked up at Declan he saw the most mesmerizing pair of ocean blue eyes which pierced through his hazel ones. She had prominent cheek bones and the cutest button nose thought Declan.

He was put out his little dream state when she coughed a little to get his attention, he looked at her again but this time her cheeks were tinted pink with embarrassment as were his.

‘’ One black coffee to go please’’ He said never leaving her eyes, she nodded looking away and walked back into the depths of the kitchen.


Alice closed the kitchen door behind her and rested her back against it. She had never seen someone so beautiful. He had light hazel eyes with specks of gold shinning in his eyes, shagging dark honey brown hair which ended right above his chin and his jaw was so sharp that if she thought of touching it, she might cut her finger.

Alice snapped out of her daze and grabbed the coffee pot which she had refilled not so long ago, took a deep breath and walked out of the small kitchen.


He watched her as she walked out holding a pot of coffee in her hand, she glanced at him which made his heart skip a beat but she quickly looked away and fixed her eyes upon the coffee pot. He watched her as she poured the coffee in the take out cup and places the lid on it. She looked up at him handing him the cup informing him the coffee is for ninety nine cents. Her voice sounded like sweet honey in his ears and he isn’t a huge fan of honey but her voice made him like it so he blurted out the most absurd thing Alice had heard.

‘’ What’s your name?’’ Alice looked at him in shock and saw regret in his eyes but how could he help it? Alice was such a different girl after all that is what she told herself.

‘’I beg your pardon?’’ Alice asked trying to be polite but came out a little harsh then she had intended it to sound. After all Alice barely talks anyway.

‘’I’m sorry I just wanted to know you’re name’’ Declan tried to smooth his words out so he wouldn’t sound like a creep who wanted to stalk her which he secretly did then again not in the creepy way.

‘’ I’m Alice and if you wouldn’t mind you’re holding up the line’’ Alice he thought, such a pretty name for such a pretty face, he then focused on the other words she said ‘you’re holding up the line’ He looked back to indeed see a line of people desperately waiting to place their order. He gave one last glace at the girl with the sliver white hair named Alice before he walked out of the little shop around the corner of the street where he lived and at the end where she worked. I could use a cup of coffee in the morning everyday he thought to himself as he walked back home smiling at the ground.

It is not on Wattpad yet :3 and please note none of the above is for coping, this is my own hard work I'd appreciate if it wasn't used for public or personal use without my consent 


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