The Art of Typography

The Art of Typography - student project

10 words 10 typefaces

The Art of Typography - image 1 - student project

Two minutes rule worked well for me, but the whole work took much longer as I found some free fonts were faulty. For example Magnolia Sky I used for word "flirty" had bad ligature for "Fl". In my final work I had to make "F" bigger and "l" smaller. Most of the fonts are from

Typefaces around me

At first I didn't take this excercise very seriously, but when I started I realised how good this excercise is for my eyes and brain :) It develops "Typhographyst's vision" when you see beyond the text, when little things like letter features, outlines, shadows, etc become visible. I suddenly started noticing every letter in the texts I saw and I realised that all these features should serve one purpose. And then I started to analyse what works well together and what does not.

There are some examples below with typefaces I like and dislike. It turned out I tend to like more traditional, simple, clear, and easy to read types. To my surprise, I found that some hand drawn and calligraphy fonts are like that too.

Colour is another important thing that I've noticed - it could make a font shine or kill it. I also believe that outlines applied to a normal fonts are always a bad idea.

Types I like

The Art of Typography - image 2 - student project

Types I dislike

The Art of Typography - image 3 - student project

The kerning game

I loved it! I wish it was a full scale computer game with levels, achievements etc. :)))

The Art of Typography - image 4 - student project


It was quite difficult exercise to me. I've never been involved in logo design and it was difficult to pick not very well known one. I was lucky one day to accidentally spot the one I wanted. 

I really like the use of letter "r" with a shower head, stream of water highlighting white "com." otherwise invisible. I also like shared "B", simple typeface and colours. It might not be looking very modern or stylish, but I think it conveys an idea very clearly.

The Art of Typography - image 5 - student project

Alphabet exercise

It was a very good task for me - it helped me to bring my understanding of type to a new level!

The Art of Typography - image 6 - student project


The Art of Typography - image 7 - student project

Own typeface

I prefer working with real materials. I've spent some time experimenting with cola pens and below is my favourite. I may have fallen into Halloween mood :)

The Art of Typography - image 8 - student project

I vectorised it but it has lost its ghosty feel unfortunately.

The final project

I've chosen the quote "We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle" by Marilyn Monroe which is not very well known, but it really caught me as I believe it is very true. Thinking of Marilyn I imagine Hollywood makeup mirror with its lamps and I tried to reflect it in my design.

I know that using the star for a letter 'A' is a cliche but I believe in this particular case it is reasonable.

From the beginning I thought of it as a t-shirt print. I tried to play with associations about: "twinkle twinkle little star" for children, teen girls might like the original phrase and Marilyn, so t-shirt can be used for wide range from children to teens, thus a teenagerish style. Since the phrase was said for ordinary people who are imperfect, the letters are hand drawn imperfect way too.

The Art of Typography - image 9 - student project

The Art of Typography - image 10 - student project