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The Art of Typography

Hey everyone! So I have decided to start this class in order to get confidence in typography and learn something new as I am the designer-beginner. I am really excited of what will come next :) I want to work on improving my handwriting in order to develop some exclusive handwritten logos for my clients.

10 words - 10 typefaces

For now I have done 10 words exercise (don't know what is wrong with the quality:():


As for the typefaces around me, these are 9 of those that I liked:

And these are my least favourite:

Kerning practice

After that I had practice with kerning and kerning game :) hah it was fun - got 82% on my first try, but will try to get 100% )) 


I exlored my bathroom and have decided to have a closer look at Body Shop brand - as I have lots of it products :)

What Body Shop stands for? (as far as i know)

- eco-friendly

- natural

- fair trade

- global

- organic

And its logo tries to embody all of these charateristics - main colour is green, rounded shape looks like the Earth and unites all the nations. As for the typeface - main part of the logotype is the symbol, not the font - therefore it is simple and clean, without any decorations.

Also I have found this logo where the earth symbol takes place of letter 'O':

Smart move!


Copying alphabet was really tough for me, as it was all messy and does no look like original :( so i will not upload its picture.

As for the initials - mine are VL and I've found some nice vitamins for V and magnets for L:

Choosing the quote

Recently I've been all over John Legend songs so I have chosen the quote from his song: Maybe we go too far, we just don't care.

Top priority words in this quite I think are: TOO FAR & DON'T CARE. So I was trying to put emphasis on this and I came up with some sketches. Haven't decided which I liked better :)

Final project



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