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Alejandro Herrera

Graphic Designer



The Art of Typography

March 20

I chose to analyze the H&M logo because it's something I worked with and stared at for so long after working there for about 3 years. Context wise I think it's the perfect style for a clothing brand, a slick handwritten sans serif that mimics the handwriting you'd see in a mock-up of a designer's sketches. It's not too wide or tall and actually a nice square shape that allows it to be used in wide formats when it comes to printing and reproduction. The combination of the red and handwritten type stick out among other clothing retailers that normally stick to plain typefaces in plain colors. 

March 10 

Avenir typeface used for the kerning portion of this. Thoughts?

March 9

Attached are examples of my selection of the 10 words, 10 typefaces project. I normally have no difficulty in choosing a font to create a message but took the advice of Fay and only gave myself 2 minutes per font. It was fun to just browse through my font catalog and select an appropriate font. 


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