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The Art of Typography Class

So here's my first project for the 10 words, 10 typefaces. I always have difficulty in choosing a typeface for an artwork, because I literally have hundreds of them in my computer - and it's such a hard work to try them out one by one. This assignment is some kind of exercise that helps me know what kind of typeface to use in certain situation.

This one is also my favorite assignment in class, because I get to practice drawing so many fonts. I browse through several font-sites and draw up a few more letters, just for fun :) It really helps me when I'm doing hand-drawn typography, so that the typefaces I draw onto paper will not be boring.

As for the final project, I'm using the quote:

"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way." - Napoleon Hill

Here are some of my layout sketches, I'm doing pretty basic things and doesn't want it to get too complicated.

I finalize two sketches in Adobe Illustrator; and I also have a color palette in mind for the final coloring stages.

I finally only choose one out of the two, and start with coloring, as well as adding texture to the overall artwork. So here's the final result:

Although I wasn't able to complete all the assignments in this class, I'm really happy with what I learned :) It's also fun to see all the other students' projects. Oh, I'm also open for opinions and suggestions on my work. Hopefully I can get better in typography :))


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