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The Art of Typography: Class Projects


I am an overthinker (especially when I'm learning something new!) so I loved the two minute rule! It helped me go with my gut and trust my own sense of style. Here's what I came up with. :)



I apologize for the hideousness of the following 4th-grade-style collage (below). :) I've been waiting for some free time to keep working on this class, and finally I just threw this all together with my 2 year old holding on to my leg (as she is now). So it's not pretty, but at least its done so I can move on to phase 2.


First is my "Happy Type"--the stuff I find appealing.

On the three book spines, I appreciate the balance of the lettering. I think it is helpful that the words HOLY and PERSPECTIVE are set apart on their relative books, and the elegant, organic script used for the H in the word HOLY also draws me in, makes me feel a bit more reverent, and also makes me feel sort of safe.

The Kirkland natural peanut butter has a definite hipster/handlettered feel to it, which I think fits nicely with the product and target audience. Sort of a back-to-basics feel but with a fun flare. I also like the slant and the curves.

Love how REAL SIMPLE's type is just that: really simple.

I think the type and balance in the title for THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES is really beautiful and romantic, but I do wonder why they chose to use the swirly, flowerly, romantic font for FIVE rather than LOVE or LANGUAGES. Five isn't a particularly sexy or romantic word, so I feel like that choice was made based simply on the shape and balance of the title as a whole, rather than on the actual meaning/context of the words.

STYLE AT HOME: I really just liked the simplicity, and the balance of thin/fat and lowercase/uppercase type. It just appealed to me on a gut level, so I photographed it.

Last but not least, the HEARTFELT LIVING, which was actually found on the cover of Costco Magazine(!!!). I loved the large type, which evoked a kind of updated homestead/pioneer feeling for me (not sure totally why) paired with the scripty, happy, and totally modern type used for the blurb. This one might be my favorite!

>>> Scroll down below image for commentary on my "Sad Type" ;)


My "Sad Type" was really just type that gave me a negative first reaction, which I couldn't shake.

The spines of the two medical books I found lacking. PATHOLOGICAL BASIS OF DISEASE was okay--liked the color differentiation and variation in types and case, but the spacing seemed awkward and my eye struggled to find a place to rest. CLINICAL EMERGENCY MEDICINE just bummed me out. Too much serif! Boring. No central focus. No change in font weight. Sad type.

THE PARENTING BREAKTHROUGH--one of the ugliest book covers ever. Dated type that (to me at least) says NOTHING about Parenting or having a "breakthrough." It seems more suited to be addressed to kids. Plus it the main type just makes me feel generally unbalanced and unsteady. If I were searching the bookstore for a book to help me create order in my family (which is what this is about!) I wouldn't even pick this one up. It looks nuts.

FIT & ACTIVE fruit strips. I can't say why, but it just looks cheap...? I don't have the knowledge yet to pinpoint the reason!

GREEK YOGURT. Kitschy! They just got so excited about that font that they took the theme way too far. :) Another one that looks cheap and poorly designed to me.


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