The Art of Self-Care

The Art of Self-Care - student project

Hi guys, I am working on my new class that is a bit different from my previous two productivity & goal setting classes, but this topic is something I am very passionate about :)

Class Description:

  • Are you looking for ways to bring happiness, calm and purpose back to your life?
  • Do you often feel stressed and overwhelmed?
  • Would you like to establish a healthier routine to regain your energy?

If you answered yes to any of the above then that’s where I was just a few short years ago.

I was a self-employed English language teacher who had expanded into career consulting. My days were a whirl of classes, meetings, training and coaching sessions, and soon my work took over every area of my life: I skipped meals, forgot about weekends and had no time for friends or creative pursuits. There was no semblance of balance in my life, which lead to permanent fatigue, anxiety and depression. I was burned out. 

It was at this point that I embarked on a journey in search of a simpler life in order to reconnect with myself. It took time, but eventually I regained my sense of clarity and purpose and learned how to create space for happiness, calm and growth in my life.

Through my research and experience I have learned many effective ways to help create a more balanced and fulfilling life. In this course I want to share with you some actionable tools and insights that will empower you to embrace self-love and be healthier and happier. Topics covered in this class include mindfulness, gratitude, physical health and many others.

Enrol now to get tips on how to start practicing self-care, embrace mindfulness, banish the overwhelm and and fill your days with more joy! 

The Art of Self-Care - image 1 - student project

Class Project:

The goal of this class is to inspire you to embrace self-care and intentionally incorporate it into your everyday life, allowing it to support you as you are working on your biggest goals.

As part of the course, I am sharing several printable downloads, such as the Wellness Tracker or Journaling Prompts, that you can use to create an effective wellness routine.

Upload one or several files here to show me and the other course participants how you are using the provided templates: share your morning routine with us, or the three things you are thankful for today!


Anouk Rose
Productivity / Wellness / Growth