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The Art of Playtime

I want to get over the idea that moving (i.e. exercise) is a chore or a drag or x number of kcals or how many seconds faster I was on this last mile I ran. I want to make moving fun again; life's recess and the day's playtime. And I want to get fresh with fresh food, and really take in the color of vegetables, the flavor of something that was not born in a vat of grease. I just want to ENJOY all of this and lose the stupid ingrained baggage of what exercise or health or nutrition are supposed to mean to me.

So, very basic:

1. Exercise erryday for at least 30 minutes. Even on hectic days or days when I can't leave the house, that is totally doable. I can do whatever I want, from twirling a contact staff to yoga to zumba to going for a walk. Does. Not. Matter. Whatever moves me. Whatever sounds like fun.

2. Replace soda with tea/coffee.

3. Replace fast food with food I make at home.

4. Drink at least 2 Nalgenes of h2o and/or SporTea daily.

5. Do something creative for at least 30 minutes every day, whether that is drawing or writing or hand-stitching fabric into a new accessory. Does. Not. Matter. As long as it speaks to me at that moment.

6. Take daily photos of my playtime, my art time, and my food time as documentation.

These are things I will use as motivation, but not as my "official goals" this time around:

Color Run. Electric Run. Zombie Run.

Keeping a hula hoop up for the length of an entire song.

Running a mile without stopping.

Walking "the stairs" without stopping and without heaving my lungs out at the top.

Walking to the free library to drop off books I don't need.

Getting gradually more proficient at the contact staff (handmade because I can haz skillz!)

Alternately imagine that exercise is Slayer Training and/or Dominatrix Boot Camp (pun intended).

Fit into my plaid charcoal/burgandy button up shirt with the cool detailing.

Wheeeeeeee!  :D


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