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Cathy Wu

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The Art of Doodling: Exercises to Boost Memory and Creativity

Class Description
Did you know there are benefits to doodling? Studies have shown that doodling can help improve memory as well as spark inspiration and foster creativity. In this course we will go over tips to get your doodle muscles flexing, then apply those methods in four different practice exercises. We will learn how to draw inspiration from words, sounds, surroundings, and shapes. At the end of the course, you will have completed four sets of doodles, one from each exercise and be equipped to tackle further creative endeavors. No previous experience is needed to participate!

Class Project


Apply the techniques discussed to doodle based on line prompts, a selection of words, observing your surroundings, and finally by listening to speech. You can either base your prompts off of mine, or come up with your own.


Post your progress on each exercise as you go:

  • Part 1: Shapes
  • Part 2: Slogans
  • Part 3: Surroundings
  • Bringing it all together: Sounds

Don’t forget to cite your inspiration sources!

Class Outline

Intro Video


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