The Art Workshop' posters

The Art Workshop' posters - student project

Final :

The Art Workshop' posters - image 1 - student project

Last Update :

Trying to add some light texture / dark around the edges :
The Art Workshop' posters - image 2 - student project

The Art Workshop' posters - image 3 - student project

1. Research


I'm making a fictive art Workshop for my final project  in my graphic design school.
I don't know the exact name the workshop will have yet.So i'm going to make posters as ad for the workshop

 I don't know if it's a good idea to use the class to do it or if i should just do a poster for a band like everyone, please let me know.

2. Research Part II

Public : Artists and students from all visual fields : Illustrators,Graphic designers, typographer etc..

 1- Things that connect them and are representatives : 

All the tools used  : Paper, pencil, brush, paint-bomb, hands.
Problem -> I can focus on all those things but it's note very orginial.

 2- Imagination

Use the "imaginative mind" of artists : Thins that have not a direct link with the process, tools etc...

Animals, abstacts,patterns etc...
Problem -> If everything is possible, I dont know which way to go ?

2.1. Visual references  ( technical approach that i like and i could use/mix together )

The Art Workshop' posters - image 4 - student project

Aryz :
Like the colors and the imagination of it.


The Art Workshop' posters - image 5 - student project

Cesar Moreno: Collage again but with a very graphic look.

3. Start sketching

So the  name and theme is now found : Diphuz, L'atelier. A workshop about graphic design, illustration and graffiti.

Here are some sketches with a graphic approach :

The Art Workshop' posters - image 6 - student project


Was'nt very happy with the two other, so here is a 3rd sketch with a new concept an an new graphic style.

Reference : SAINER

The Art Workshop' posters - image 7 - student project

Sketch :

The Art Workshop' posters - image 8 - student project

Starting to paint :

Update : 20/02/13

The Art Workshop' posters - image 9 - student project