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The Art Song Project

Together with my pianist, I started The Art Song Project a few years ago. We record unknown art songs and feature them on our website for free listening. Too much beauty is buried in libraries-not beause it's difficult to find it, but because most people don't bother to look. It is difficut to sell unknown music, however, so I still don't know what kind of business plan could apply. Here's how far we are now:

Over a hundred songs recorded. Many from contemporary composers. Many people come and listen to our songs, mainly musicians, singers and art song geeks. We have been featured on radio in Germany, Switzerland and UK. Our CD has got great reviews, the Bavarian State music library links to our project via their website for musical research. We use the site mainly as a means to raise our professional profiles and get more and better live gigs. Our next step is to start selling sheet music for the songs as well.

My goal is to figure out if there is a way to actually turn this into something that makes profit, because as for now, it's not.

The Art Song

Who is it for?  People who like classical music and art songs, curious people
What do this group believe?  in being inspired by music
Have they bought a solution like this before? Not exactly. (They've bought CD's.)
Do they know about me?  Probably not (Aha! interesting clue ;) )
Do they trust me? Once they find us, I think they do.
Are people paying with cash or attention or connection? Connection and attention. (Working on cash)
Are you connecting one customer to another? We do have a facebook page, but there isn't much going on there. On our main site we do not connect as yet. (How???)
If this catches on why won't cheaper competitors be able to steal your market?  We have very good quality recordings, that's rare.
What's the hard part? Getting people to pay for music in general. Getting people interested in something they don't know yet.
What's scarce? Our quality musicianship and knowledge.
Does your offering become more valuable as more people use it? It would; fame adding to the trust etc.
How much does it cost to make a sale? Right now? Way too much.
What is the lifetime value of a customer? ??
Can you make what you make significantly more cheaply? No.
Faster? If we throw more money at it, yes.
Can we add more value? We could offer downloads easily. But anyone can rip mp3's anyway.


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