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The Armchair Traveller

First of all, I really enjoyed this project and I am really looking forward to your next class, Mickey!

I downloaded this class to watch on holiday so I decided to go for an idiom that was somehow related to travelling. I had a couple in my head but I went for "armchair traveller". 

These are my initial sketches and a word list. My very first idea was a suitcase filled with home-comfort objects seen through an x-ray machine (like at the airport), but I wasn't too sure about how how was going to be rendering it in colour so I quickly went on to sketch more. I kept the idea of the suitcase/objects and developed it to incorporate some text. I also tested out a couple of versions using some characters, but I thought I'd keep it simple for this project and just focus on drawing some fun objets! You can see the idea I went with (orange tick) and how I refined the sketch.


Right, now the fun part. After scanning the refined sketch, I started using the blob tool to trace it. I didn't enjoy using the mouse to draw at all, but I am kind of glad I tried...After adding some tones and playing around with a couple of colour combinations and erasing some outlines, I digitally added some texture (I don't have access to a tones printer at the moment, but I will try the transfer method as soon as I can!).


And here's the final illustration. Again, great class!



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