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We were all dressed as fruit and vegetables. It was a  party to celebrate the launch of Hunter's app, a healthy recipe builder called He was predictably dressed as an apple. I was an avocado and my costume consisted of ja green tee-shirt with a black circle in the middle, which everyone thought was a passagway or a vortex.  Hunter and I have been dating for 3 months.

I was creating little intricate fruit statues in the kitchen, trying to avoid everyone staring into the hole in my chest. Mostly, I was avoiding Hunter.

He kept trying to catch my eye and I kept avoiding it and pretending I was looking somewhere else, like I was an actor trying to avoid a camera.

Earlier that day Hunter told me that he liked me but there was something missing which I interpreted as a bullshit way of saying that I was boring.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see a green bean and a celery stick swarming around him, smelling app money, dreaming of the day he would sell his app to google and they can start a little boutique that sells urban outfitter knock offs.

I decided to take action. I made my way over to him,  toying with a cube of cantaloupe on a toothpick, trying not to choke. "Hey can I talk to you for a second?" I tried to sound like a mix of Scarlett Johannsan and Angelina Jolie and it came out sounding like Alec Baldwin.

I pulled him into a pantry and we stood there in silence for a while. I had forgotten that the light didn't work.  It was unexpectedly crowded because of Hunter's apple took up most of the space.

I tried  to lean in and I managed to find his lips which were both cold and uninviting. He wasn't into it.  His body was stiff, the plushy material from his foam apple pressing against my chest.

"Come on Daniella, I can't even see you." I felt something crawl over my foot. "What are we even doing?"

"I'll put out some more fruit tarts." This is all I could manage to say.

I felt him leave the pantry and I stood there for a second in the dark and the black hole on my shirt felt like it was taking over my body.

I was a starter girlfriend.



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