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The Anxiety Free Club - Allow Our Team to Help Reclaim Your Life

March 18, 2014

Gerry Bock (me) finally decided it was time to focus and reach out to client susffering from anxiety as I once did (and sometimes still do).

Why is this news? Because after 25 years of treating anxiety and not really taking the time to develop systems to "get the word out", I am finally doing it. Developing a proper marketing program with the Skillshare tools and lessons, and learning how to systematize the years of learning, into projects that will assist those suffering from Fear, Anxiety, Depression and other emotional problems that I like to call a "bug" in your brain.

It takes real David and Goliath guts to eliminate distractions, and take the time to develop a working program. All feedback is welcome.

My business, will provide online tools and resources to adult men and women wishing to partner with members of our team to become calmer and remain in a state of real flow, for the rest of their lives, enjoying all the opportunities that life has to offer instead of being trapped by ever increasing levels of debilitating anxiety and panic.

This audience of private clients will be able to create their own online profiles, identify other like-minded former anxiety sufferers, join topical groups, participate in expert-led webinars and form real partnerships with genuine human beings as they work through the various forms of anxiety that are holding them back from the best parts of life. There will also be a success wall, where they can choose to post the results of great adventures they have been able to participate in because they are living better lives.

The result for the participants will be clear direction about how they want to overcome anxiety, what they want to do next with their lives, an understanding of the steps and resources they will need to undertake in order to overcome and a partner or team to work with to get to the next steps, or goals  in their lives.

These clients will pay for varying levels of membership or tiered offerings within the programs. Members of the public can create a profile for free but if they want to be introduced to others, take advantage of groups and webinars, they must pay a nominal yearly fee and sign a confidentiality agreement in order to become a member.  

Partnering with other professionals in the community as volunteers will allow experts and other relevant professionals to write some content and lead online programs in anticipation of getting leads from their activity.


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