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Nicholas Seymour

The Animus Project



The Animus Project

I got the name while doing my download of everything I could think of for names. My Process involved sitting and doing a word list then looking in the thesaurus, which is where I actually just stumbled upon the word Animus, which mean's purpose or intention and is synonims for words like design, soul and spirit. Finding this was awesome becuase I want to have a purpose with this project, I want it to be designed well and to have a soul.

First layout - Still working on the sloagan and mission statement. Testing the usability with the letters and building a style with out an icon. 

Concept Refinement:

Working through my concept for the name Animus, one word that arose was intentional. I like this word, it is very design oriented, I know when I was in design school that was always a key foundation; every thing should be intentional. The same in life I feel that you should do things intentionally not just hoping for a happy accident. So when thinking about that word intentional and what type of images go along with it, working on the semiotics for my brand, I thought of how ships worked especially back when it was all said baised, they never just drifted around not knowing where they were, every move was intentional. Using this I began looking at different images and one of them that came up was a map measurer which helped the cartographers figure out the distance between two points. So that is the basis for what my icon is, but not just that but the point is also seemingly pointing off into the distance which is a signifier for the future but not just flat but pointing up, pushing myself and looking for a bigger higher uplifted future for me and my brand.


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